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The SPRA was formed in 2000 and concentrated on the re-homing of all types of animals, mainly covering the South West region. Due to our manager’s relocation, SPRA is unable to take animals for the time being. 


As the charity is successfully operating two Charity shops, the trustees have decided these shops should still raise funds for animals, keeping all the dedicated and highly valued volunteers, who have supported SPRA over the past years.


The Trustees will carefully select similar size South West charities when possible, only considering charities registered with the Charity Commission, having similar re-homing procedures and practices.


The selected Charity will have an unspecified amount donated at regular intervals. The amount will depend on the generosity of the public, and the final amount with be posted on our website.




Our shops have always had food, toys and bedding generously donated, often by bereaved pet owners.  This has always generated a great saving in food costs.  Donated food will also be passed on to the respective rescue centres.    

Selection of re-homed
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