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If you are reading this page, you are possibly contemplating becoming a trustee. may have a business, or be an existing trustee for another charity. Being a trustee gives you the opportunity to express how you feel the charity should be operating.


This is an unpaid position relying on your dedication to help the beneficiaries (the animals). Your input could assist our shops to improve turnover and profits, help where funds should be directed, assist introduction of volunteers, fundraising, or help with any other aspect of operating a charity.


Before you complete our form, our existing trustees suggest you browse The Charity Commission Website, and view the information on becoming a trustee. This will inform you of your duties, commitment and legal responsibilities to make sure the charity does not breach any Charity Commission or legal regulations.  

You will receive help and guidance from our existing trustees, and invited to attend at least four meetings annually. Some trustees have doubled up as volunteers and spend time in our shops.

If you are interested and looked at the Charity Commission information, please fill out the form and someone contact you to discuss how you may like to help. 

The only thing stopping you making a difference to your life and the lives of those animals needing our help is You! 

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